“I never knew this shop exist until I need alternatives for my groomer and I found them online. Before I could spend any money, they quickly gathered around and checked out my mini schnauzer, very concerned and genuinely worried saying : YOU NEED TO BRING HER TO VET NOW!! I admit my dog was quite lethargic at that time. But I didn’t know it was critical. The whole point is, Jane and her crew are real people who cares for animals, hard workers who serves, warm hearts that been through situations to give real advises. Although knowing Jane only TODAY, I felt the need to write a testimonial for this petite but tough lovely lady boss. Good luck to your business!! Highly highly recommended!!”– Kerrie Wong

“I have been buying almost all my pets’ food and stuff from Loving Pets for many years. There was this time that Jane, the owner, stopped me from buying a product from her shop, as the quality was not good! I thought she could return that product, but she said she could not and would throw them away! Thus I know I can trust her, and the products she choose to sell in her shop, are for the best for the pets.

I had never brought my pets to any other groomer. Loving Pets really love my mongrel dogs and street cat. Once I was fostering a mongrel with very bad skin condition, I didn’t know how to handle him, and was telling Jane. Without any hesitation, she asked me to bring the fostered dog to her shop. I was reluctant as I was worried that other pets owners will be disgusted with the dog’s condition and might not come to her shop again. However, she replied all pets are equal. After a very short period of time, with lots of care by Serene, the groomer at Loving Pets, the fostered dog recovered from the skin condition! The grooming products they used are really very effective for all my pets! Above all, my pets love them!”– Ms Ong Cheng Cheng

“We have been coming to Loving Pets since 2005 – at first mainly for the fantastic and unique dog chews that Loving Pets carried and now for almost all of our pets’ needs from the dedicated and patient grooming and spa services to the array of premium pet products and any time if we needed some pet advice or information.

Serene has been grooming our 2 gals for many years. We have absolute trust in Serene who is always patient and detailed in her grooming of our gals. After each groom, Serene will always provide an update of what she has observed – from dirty ears to any other issues that we may overlook ourselves. Serene’s Schnauzer cut is also unique and brings out the Schnauzer look better than other groomers.

Additionally, Loving Pets believe in spa services that work on pets. As such, the spa services offered are not like elsewhere where it may look good but its effectiveness is uncertain. We have been using the spa services at Loving Pets from dead sea mud to now its power microbubble bath and we have seen results.

Because Loving Pets do care for our pets, when my girl has a more severe skin problem, Serene will extend the duration of the power bubbles bath at the same cost. So at Loving Pets, its grooming and spa services is about knowing your pets and caring for them and working with you so that our pets are well groomed and happy.

Jane believes in good pet products and screens through the range of pet products diligently before carrying them at Loving Pets. As such, the range of pet products carried here is premium.

Jane is knowledgeable about pet nutrition to various pet diseases and is always happy to share what she knows. Through this, we become more informed and better pet parents through the years.”– Ms Ho Sau Ling

“Loving Pets is the only place I would bring my beloved dogs to be taken care of. They have in the last 9 years treated my dogs as their own and the fact that they do not believe in selling dogs to make a profit is a testimony of their true love for animals. I dare to say that I will be their customer for life. And not only do they groom my dogs well, they have in many occasions give me unbiased and sound advice on how to better nourish them.

All these years of sending my dogs there and never worrying ever that they will not be well taken care of by Jane and Serene is testimony that they are the best!!! You guys a hard to beat. And the name Loving Pets rightly describe both of you.”– Ms Anita Yeong

“1) Loving Pets loves its customers giving super service and excellent prices always.
2) Loving Pets – all your pet needs and questions under one roof.
3) I love Loving Pets because it says and does what it preaches – treat animals well and love them always.
4) Loving Pets is more than just a pet food shop – it is a pet knowledge shop!
5) I love going to Loving Pets because they make their customers happy so that the customers make their pets happy.”– Ms Shirley