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QQKIT Paper Litter 7ℓ – Turns Blue

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QQ Kit ‘Turns Blue’ Paper Litter is made from recycled paper pulp with that forms into  pellets that are around 5mm in diameter. It is dust free and anti-bacterial, with superior odor control.

  • Lightweight – each bag weighs about 2.2kg (7ℓ), ¼ of the regular sand litter.
  • Odor control, anti-bacterial and dust-free.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Convenient and easy to use – clumps quickly and turns blue after absorbing liquid, making it easy to clean.
  • Eco-friendly – can be flushed reasonably or disposed as combustible waste.
  • Made in Japan.

Only 5 left in stock (also available on backorder)

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Product Ingredients


Recycled paper.