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FRONTLINE Spot On Dog (10 – 20kg, 3 pipettes)

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Product Ingredients

Product Size

FRONTLINE SPOT ON DOG comes in 3-pipette packs.


Protection and Treatment

FRONTLINE SPOT ON DOG contains the active ingredient fipronil which is a member of the phenylpyrazole family of insecticides. It remains on the surface of the skin and acts on contact to cause rapid death of the target parasite, without the need for the flea to bite your pet first. Fipronil is non-organophosphate compound.


Essential Info

  • For use on puppies from the age of 10 weeks onwards.
  • Safe for use on breeding, pregnant and lactating bitches.
  • FRONTLINE SPOT ON DOG is resistant to swimming, rain and bathing. Monthly retreatment is recommended if you shampoo your dog on a regular basis. In addition, it is not recommended to bath or shampoo your dog in the 2 days before or after treatment.
  • FRONTLINE SPOT ON DOG will kill 98-100% of fleas within 24 hours of application.
  • New fleas may still jump onto your pet from the environment. However, these fleas will be killed within 24 hours of arriving on your pet’s coat, before they start to lay eggs.